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About me

A picture of Nathan. He's a fiftysomething white guy with a shaved head and a white beard. He's wearing a mauve T-shirt

I’m Nathan Bottomley, and the website Guns and Frocks hosts pretty much everything that I write for the web. It started life as a travel blog back in 2008, but now it also contains some things that I’ve written either for publication or for my own amusement, and soon it should contain some technical articles about using the static site generator Eleventy to create websites, particularly podcast websites.

I’m a Latin teacher, and I’m in my thirty-first year of teaching Latin, Classical Greek and Studies of Religion at Sydney Grammar School, a private, academically selective boys’ school in Sydney, Australia.

I’m also a podcaster, currently running or appearing regularly on a number of podcasts mostly about science fiction and fantasy television. These include

I created and maintain the websites for all of these podcasts, which has given me the opportunity to learn how to create and present content for the web. And I created this site as well, to be a place of my own on the web.

If you want to find out what I’m up to at the moment, take a look at the Now page. If you want to find out what I use to do it all, take a look at the /uses page

I live in an inner-city suburb of Sydney with my husband Calvin and three adorably fluffy dogs.